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Gig City Goes Quantum invites everyone to learn about quantum technology!

We’re joining with the National Science Foundation, quantum scientists, university professors and instructional designers to assemble a mind-bendingly engaging set of videos and educational resources about the science and possibilities of quantum technology.

Join us! Be a part of reaching the goal of completing 1,000+ Learning Activities. Together, we can prepare for jobs and business opportunities in the emerging quantum sector which holds the promise of revolutionizing computing, cybersecurity, healthcare, finance and many other in-demand fields.

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Be a part of reaching the goal of completing 1,000+ Learning Activities. We’ve made it easy by providing a range quantum-focused resources with options for learners of all ages including video viewing for classroom instruction and individuals along with interactive games and other resources (see below).

VIDEO Learning

Why did Albert Einstein call quantum physics “spooky action at a distance”?

See some spooky action for yourself as Dr. Duncan Earl performs a hands-on demonstration of quantum phenomena at Tyner Academy.  

This session is designed for students in 11th grade or higher and is open to anyone with a curious mind!

Friday, April 14 1:30 - 2:00 pm EDT via Live Stream

How to participate

Calling All Educators

Anyone is welcome to use the video links and education resources, but we invite educators and interested adults to register.

Once you register, we’ll email your grade-appropriate quantum education resources and a schedule of the live stream events.

As an appreciation to those who register, we’ll enter you into a drawing to win an Echo Show 10 (You’ll have five chances to win).

You can add the resources to your instructional plan between April 14-May 31 to help reach the goal of  1,000+ Learning Activities!

Educational Resources

Learn the Fun Way

We have a wide variety of educational resources appropriate for 5th –12th Grade which you can preview below. Also, don’t forget to register so we can count your educational activities toward the goal of reaching 1,000+ Learning Events.

Designed for Grades 5-12

The Qubit Game

Students build a quantum computer while solving challenges quantum engineers face. If you succeed, you’ll discover new upgrades for your in-game quantum computer, complete big research projects, and maybe, become more curious about quantum computers.

Built by Google Quantum AI and provided by National Q-12 Education Partnership

Designed for Grades 6-12

A.I. Emotion Detector

Students train a computer to use a webcam to detect and respond to different emotions using machine learning (Google Teachable Machine) while getting first-hand experience by coding a MicroBit to handle the algorithm using the Vittascience Adacraft Platform. As they train a digital system to interact intelligently with the real world, they will experience the limitations of classical computing and learn about the powerful capabilities quantum computing can unlock.

Designed for Grades 5-12

Skeletal Tracking

Object detection and motion tracking currently depend on sophisticated algorithms and equipment. As quantum computing further develops and expands the capacity of machine learning, these systems will become increasingly accurate. In this activity, students will build a system that uses a webcam and a 3D printed flower to allow a user to control the color of the flower (LED) wirelessly through a skeletal tracking program they create using A.I.

Designed for Grades K-12


The National Q-12 Partnership has curated dozens of quantum activities ranging from hands-on to online, plus additional learning links. These activities, suitable for K-12 learners, are intended to make quantum information science accessible and entertaining. Many fun options are available and require no special knowledge to play.

About the program

Preparing for the Quantum Age

Gig City Goes Quantum is a collaborative effort to prepare for the Quantum Age starting in Chattanooga, Tennessee and spreading cooperatively through schools, universities, companies and organizations across the U.S. Because quantum technologies promise transformative advances, we’re growing a “quantum ecology” beginning with students interested in preparing for jobs in this rapidly emerging sector. We are educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders focused on working together to realize the vast technological and economic potential of accelerating the commercialization of quantum technologies.

Gig City Goes Quantum Partners

why chattanooga?

The Chattanooga Way

Back in 2010, EPB of Chattanooga became the first in the U.S. to launch Gig-speed internet services using a community-wide fiber optic network to send unprecedented amounts of data as light pulses. Because quantum technologies utilize entangled light particles, EPB had the ideal fiber optic facilities to join efforts to develop a new quantum cybersecurity technology that earned an R&D 100 Award in 2021. That success led to the launch of EPB Quantum Network powered by Qubitekk, America’s first industry-led commercially available quantum network in support of accelerating the commercialization of quantum technologies.

In keeping with “The Chattanooga Way” of collaboration, Gig City Goes Quantum aims to support the development of the quantum ecology including education, workforce preparation, and business support in partnership with governmental entities, universities, schools, companies and non-profit organizations.

Learn more about EPB's Quantum Network


Thanks to Gig City Goes Quantum Partners


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